The Separation

Eighteen days more and you will go. Eighteen more days to enjoy your company. Eighteen more days to finish what has been started to be sure that nothing is left undone. Eighteen more days for rigid teaching for the work you will leaving for me. Eighteen more days to feel our friendship that started twenty years ago.

I am trying to rethink how we started being friends. I now remember how you caught my attention then (because basically I am not a friendly person and does not easily trust people whom I just met). Going into the office with that ninja like walk and face actions just made me thought you’re weird and nerd to that effect.

I thought then it was your way of catching up your office mates attention. And I was like thinking ‘this man is corny’ but as days went by, when you did not do that ‘grand entrance’ in the office I was unconsciously expecting it so somehow I was used to your ‘trick’ and expected it every time you enter our office’ front door.

And then we became friends. We then started sharing and talking about so many things even non-sense conversations. What I admire and was very particular on you was your being witty and a brainy person. You always excel as far as office work especially in composing rationales.

You are very good in writing. I appreciated the way you wrote poems and short stories. I thought to myself ‘this man has the talent and I somehow feel sorry because you did not found the appropriate field’.

All the same, you have found a lasting work which somehow given you security when you aged. Yes, it may not pay you that much but at least you found security in a job where everyone in your community envies secretly.

Camaraderie between us has grown as days go by. But like other relations, we had our own cold treatment moments with reasons not exactly defined but we somehow managed to work out. We just clicked as friends and as a team.

I know separation from things you had been used to for the last more than twenty years of one’s life is hard but this separation is inevitable. I am feeling the pain. Reality is fast approaching. No one as in no one can delay it more so, nothing I can do to delay the separation much as I wanted to. You may not feel the pain I am at now but it is deep inside me.

I have to have peace with myself and accept what is real. I believe you enjoyed the stay and our friendship (I hope). All I can do now is accept. Yes, accept. At any rate we all have to face that painful separation. You may go first but surely, I’ll follow.

Yes, I’ll follow and it is one my most awaited moment in this lifetime – enjoy life without pressure from peers and work place. I just hope that you are feeling this way too.

Farewell, my dear friend….